Author Topic: the Resurrection of Number ten  (Read 54 times)

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the Resurrection of Number ten
« on: April 16, 2023, 07:50:56 PM »
As i've mentioned elsewhere in here, i bought an SRX400 a while back. lots of niggles before i could ride it and find out what else needed doing.
i have now stripped it down so that i can see exactly what is required to bring it up to a 'keeper' fit to replace #1.

steering was very notchy, and when stripped the ball cups looked like a roulette wheel. so a roller kit on order.

on stripping the forks, i'm disappointed to find a whole host of problems. the tubes are badly pitted, so will need to be rechromed.
the spindle thread had been helicoiled, but the coil was half way out, in addition the thread on the spindle was a real mess.
this had the potential to be a real show stopper, but for a local old school engineer who has fettled stuff for me in the past. he made a wonderful job of repairing it, as i hope the pictures show. new seals etc on order.

the swing arm basically didn't , and when i finally got the spindle out i found the needle rollers were crushed, square or missing. so they are on order along with the spaces & seals from Yamaha an eye watering £80+ !.

wheels, sprocket carrier, fork tubes, headstock, speedo/tacho/headlamp support frame, swingarm all sent for powder coating.
tank, front guard, tail piece, side panels sent for respray.

i'm also waiting for a quote to make up some s/s chainguards....

all in all ... as usual .....this aint going to be cheap ..... but hopefully it'll be worth the effort.....