Author Topic: Ex-SuperMono SRX 632 65BHP at 2023-06-24 Bob Mac race meeting  (Read 128 times)


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Apparently Andy, from Lancaster, the owner of this old warhorse, spoke with Ian at length at the Stafford Show and enjoyed the craic.

Claimed to be putting out 65+BHP on the dyno when last tested and with the CR reduced from 12:1 to 11:1, as the engine feels "more comfortable"! Those carbs on extended inlet stubs look interesting!  ;)

Besides Classic race meetings, it is intended to race the machine in the revitalised SuperMono class, as long it doesn't have to be in the same class as the KTM 690 Dukes, fully modded and costing upwards of £30K!!!!  :o Such is the desire to win, regardless of the class!  :-X

If you would like higher quality images for your personal use, please contact me.

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