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The way we were.
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It's very nearly 10 years since this rally. There are a few photos near the end, page 10, I'll explain them in order. We had a two course meal on the Saturday evening in the upstairs function room and this is Mark, winner of the T shirt contest. Next is Ifor with his Norton. Then, not a great angle, but this is a BMW GS1200 with a really heavy duty sidecar built for serious touring, owned by Richard who had travelled over from The Netherlands. Last photo is of Boyd (on the left) and Tony taking the bad look off some local girls attending a party at the same venue.

Sadly, both Ifor and Boyd are no longer with us. Both good lads who could talk rubbish for hours on end, and in true Thumper fashion, would not knock you over, in the rush to buy the first pint. As I said, good lads.