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On how many levels is it wrong for me to desire this...

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... apart from the pipe wrap 😁

OK, I've braced myself...

Edit—OK, and the white wall tyre!

"suprisingly comfortable"

I'd be surprised as well.  Haven't seen one like this for a few years now.

I've had a few hardtails in my time, comfortable enough (20 odd years ago) until you hit a pot hole  :o , wth the state of the roads now and my back. Nah!

OH! Really Matt?  ;D

The scrotal scratcher on the front of the saddle could be a selling point! ::)  :-\

The black chrome, powder coating looks tasteful and the whole machine appears well put together, when compared to some of the lash ups that are about.

But, I just don't fancy being hung out like a bit of laundry on a line and possibly incuring a coccydynia injury!  :(  Look it up, I have spoken with quite a few ladies who in their youth used to ride on the back of these sorts of machines and now suffer from the condition. Crippling! :(

But if you fancy it Matt, why not? There can't be many others about.

Good health, Bill

Matt... please stop it, you know my broken ribs still hurt when I laugh to much 🤣😉👍
Name withheld to protect the innocent 😇


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