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April Show at Stafford

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Any news or information on the above show re: a thumperclub stand?

Ah well 20 views and seemingly no interest..... 🙄

Morning Ian,

Sorry mate, a long way to come down. Trust you are well?

My regards, Bill

Sorry Ian I thought you were sounding out Gareth to see if he was up for sorting it all out. Yes I’d be up for bringing the “tracker” down not complete yet but looking almost like a complete bike now the yokes and front end are in. What are the dates do you know?.
Cheers.. Michael

I raised the question with Morton's before Christmas but it appears as we haven't done the show before it's not likely there will be space for us. I,'ll contact them again tomorrow to see how we're looking.
If you need to get hold of me it might be best to PM me as I don't dip into the TC site that often at the moment.


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