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Hi one and all.
As the title suggest we are into the new year and need to plan for an annual rally.

By popular consent it has been asked to return to Dent once more. We haven't been there for a number of years.

I have been in touch with Mick at the farm and booked for the first weekend in August which is the same time as the rally last year.
He will be able to let us have use of his marquee

The dates are 31st July to the 2nd August..

These dates have also been asked for by Dave and Pat K as they need to get their diary organised.

Now I have been contacted by Timbo who has said that he has a wedding for that weekend but we may not be able to accommodate everyones' free time.

I am asking the question to the collective that does anyone else have an opinion as to when we have this event?
(or is the date suggested OK)

As the site has now folded I will open this event to the old members, after all they are thumpers!

We do need to move on this as I would like to firm up a date as soon as possible for all to be able to plan your diaries.

Thanks for reading.


Any time round then should be OK for me Steve... 👍

Hi Steve, thanks for taking charge of this.
I'll need to check with the rest of the Irish crew. That weekend might be ok but I wonder whether earlier in July might be a better option to avoid the school holidays - not sure how busy the village is likely to be that weekend. I know that a couple of the lads who were thinking of going were talking about staying in digs, possibly the Sun Inn.
As you say it can be a pain to get a date to suit everyone but I'll try and get some feedback from this side

All the best


Hi Steve, I only suggested that date as it was similar to last year and there was a proposed meet up in Scotland the following Monday, so it could have been a stepping stone for us, but the Scottish trip's been cancelled, so I'll go with the majority decision.....we could do the last two weekends in June, early July, or the last weekend in July, or anytime in August.

Hi Steve - think you just have to pick a date and go for it. Never going to suit everyone.


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