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Merry Christmas everyone!

Currently with my sister in Melrose and she's looking for someone to tidy up the bonnet of her car. Any local recommendations for cheap ainters in the area?

Many thanks

Aye Ian, used to bide up the valley from Selkirk, at the big house! ;) One of the 'staff'! Sorry, unable to make any recommendations personally, as not been about there for a wee while. But, will make enquirees.

Have a good holiday. Bill

Thanks Bill, you too.

Went to see (and hear) Archie Fisher at Darnick village hall on Friday night. Still in excellent voice despite his 80 years and as fine a guitarist and raconteur as ever.


Aye Ian, Archie has always been a pleasure to listen to, both as a raconteur, singer and guitar player, his late night music programme used to be my lullaby!

Slainte, Bill

IT IS so bleedin expensive nowadays! but technology has certainly moved on


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