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Finally, having been carted to Stafford, completed on the Wednesday before the show after 18 years off the road and a complete rebuild with over 75,000 miles on the original piston; still running the original con rod, with a new big end and piston, the 'family friend' fired up and went for a 20 mile shake down.

5 miles down the road and the bends started to flow  ;D  I had to remind myself that the tyres weren't scrubbed in, the brakes needed bedding in and the motor needed running in.  ;D  Very different from the 600cc SRX's, with ~40bhp pushing ~120Kg along and without the balance weights in the motor. Drum brakes felt very different from Japanese disc setups; softer might be one way of describing their effect. As for the shims! So far I seem to have the right ones in the right places. Time will tell!

Now where is that 350 motor that's in big bits?  ::)

Regards, Bill

That`s a little stunner Bill, nice one  8) 8)

Gorgeous Duke!  8) 8) 8)

Yes a true classic without a doubt Bill... lovely 👍👍
Cheers, Michael

Lovely motorcycle :)


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