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Hi all,

does anyone have any recommendations for a place that would be able to reassemble a stripped FT500 engine which has had alot of new parts purchased to rebuild it?
Even if a firm was able to build up the bottom end would be a big help.
was thinking somewhere like Rod Spry but their internet presence appears to have disappeared?

any help appreciated im located in Hampshire but willing to travel if needed


Good evening shimmer45.... I know it's not local but I can highly recommend Rod Spry engineering. In rossendale Lancashire. Does an absolutely first clad job and is a specialist in the Honda singles. He's built two engines fir me in the past, both at a very reasonable cost... I'm sure you could courier it up to him without to much hassle... hope this helps. Cheers, Michael

indeed i had them rebuild the crank for the engine in question and to a trained eye it is a cracking job.
i shall have to track down their contact details.

i assume a full engine assembly is going to be north of £500.00 plus any extra parts needed

Wouldn't like to hazard a guess at the price to be honest. These are the contact details I still have.
Rod Spry engineering, water street, rossendale, Lancashire, BB4 8AP
Mobile: 07738112589
Hope this helps.. cheers, Michael

cheers  ;D


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