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shepards rest 2020

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any ideas when this will take place next year? i have to get in early with my leave.

Guzzi Steve:
No date set yet - have to check with the pub for availability.  Will be around Easter as usual.  What do people think about using the Easter weekend so you get the extra days off, or do you prefer a weekend or two after Easter (as I know some have family stuff on at Easter)?  Easter Sunday is 12th April next year, so is fairly early.  Colin at the Shepherd's Rest has a big thing Easter Sunday for local families, but doesn't necessarily stop us being there as well.

Hi Steve - personally I'd prefer not to travel over on the Easter weekend, so a little later would suit me.

as above

Guzzi Steve:
Cheers for the feedback.  Hope to head up to see Colin in Sunday to sort out a date. 


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