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Short term bike storage?

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We're thinking about moving house and the logistics are a bit daunting. The garage of our present house is essentially a bike store / workshop so has workbenches, lathe, pillar drill and tons of tools etc rammed - literally - to the rafters, plus the Norton and Guzzi. To deal with it effectively I need to shift the bikes out for a short period - probably a few weeks although these things are always hard to estimate - so I can sort all the other contents out and get them into the removers' storage.

So does anyone know of somewhere in the Brum area (preferably south side) which offers short term secure storage for them?

Morning Ian,

North side here and way off the beaten track!  ;)  But, does this Google search provide any comfort? Link: Birmingham_southside_self_storage_Google

You might even re-cycle some 'stuff'!  :o

My regards, Bill

Many thanks Bill, I've looked at them - in fact Ryans will probably be our house mover (if we get that far!). They did offer a facility where they dropped a container on your drive which you could then fill at leisure which would have been ideal for my workshop contents but sadly have stopped that as their trailer broke down......

I could probably fit one in the back of my garage Ian, if that helps...

Actually, having had a look earlier, with a bit of juggling I bet both would probably fit. You're welcome to come round and have a look, and I won't be offended if you decide on an alternative solution.  :)


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