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Stafford Classic Mechanics show 19th/20th October 2019

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Hi all, after much deliberation and having been hounded by Morton's I have booked a club stand for the October show. Not sure on the size of stand but I have suggested 6 bikes.

Usual rules apply,  anyone showing a bike gets a free weekend pass to the show and free camping. Refreshments will be provided by me! It's more about having a presence at the show and not necessarily the quality of bikes on the stand, I say that in a:polite way, it's more about variety. 

Please could you let me know:as soon as possible if your interested in exhibiting.


Hi Gareth, I think I still qualify by owning a 4 stroke single. So yes I'm up for attending along with said bike. Come on lads/lassies let's go and have a good time. You know you want to 😁

What’s involved in putting a bike on the stand? Does it have to be for two days or can it be for just one? What time does it need to be there for in the morning? I’m just thinking out loud. Eric

Hi Eric. The bikes have to be in the hall on Friday evening, and you can't remove them until 5pm on the Sunday. Its always a good weekend, but I am not sure if I'll make it this year yet.

Hi Gareth yet again I THINK I will have the tracker club stand worthy by then. I've finally tracked (see wot I did there 😁) down someone who is going to CNC my yokes up for me. Hopefully getting them done in August. So yes please once again put my name down for the weekend. May even be able to talk big bro round to bringing along his MIGHTY Enfield 😁👍
Cheers.. Michael


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