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I decided that rather than rant again about insurance I would praise a company I have found who up to now seem excellent.

As you may know I have had all sorts of trouble with insurance following three motorcycle thefts in three years. The big companies (Carole Nash, Bennetts, Bikesure) are real rip-off merchants who only want to quote silly pie-in-the-sky prices.

I bought a Honda CBF500 on Tuesday and was getting quotes of £1500 to £1900 from the big three! I did a web search and found Principal Insurance who quoted £230 online. Because I have had so much trouble I rang them to check. I got straight through to a person who verified the amount and sold me the policy in about 5 minutes. Considering I had been on the phone to Bikesure for 40 minutes previously and got nowhere this was most welcome.

I am very impressed with them and as long as they don't suddenly go crazy and ask for another £1000 I would recommend them.


Sounds good - the smaller companies are often much better than the giants. I'm still a fan of Peter James for anything over 15 years old. Less than £100 for the Norton and Guzzi with total agreed value of £9,000; full UK and EU breakdown service included (though I haven't used that).

Excellent Ian, good to hear you're back on the road and with a great insurance deal too! I'll be interested to see how you get on with the Cbf. It's a bike I've thought about in the past and they're still available for good money.

Hopefully see you at the Red Lion, if not before.  :)

Thanks gents, glad to hear of another good insurance company to combat the excesses of the giants.

I will indeed be at the Red Lion Pete, can't wait for a natter and a ride out.


Good info to have. Thanks for posting.


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