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Now... i've not used this myself (yet), but i know a man who has.... and he reckons it's streets ahead of petseal.....
I shall be using it in the near future.

yep, ive used por15 many times and its never let me down, does exactly what it says on the tin. best advice is to get thee full kit with thee cleaner and primer rather than just the sealer, then take your time doing it, i left thee cleaner in there for a week, giving it a shake every time i passed it, and the sealer was done on a hot sunny day in the conservatory, it was hot and the temperature helped it to go off. i left it to stand for a week afterwards to fully cure and its been perfect since.

but, and i cant stress this enough, DO NOT use petseal, its terrible stuff, ive a tank on a bsa with petseal in that has failed and ive got to resort to acetone to strip it out of the inside. every tank ive had with petseal in has failed. the stuff just cant cope with modern ethanol rich fuel and the ethanol eventually degrades the liner till it flakes off in great chunks and cracks.

I have heard that about petseal John. a friend with a Goldie (his absolute pride & joy, lives in the conservatory during the winter .... thats the bike, not my mate :-) )..... he'd drained the tank prior to a winter lay up, on refueling in the spring, he noticed all these slabs of jelly like substance swilling about..... de-laminated & rotten petseal.... as you say.... a hell of a job to remove it all

Sadly not for Plastic tanks like the Skorpion - which suffers badly from ethanol.

I have been using POR15 for a while - strong stuff if tetchy to apply properly.

Any hints or tips on a successful application would be welcome on here Richard...


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