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I bought this little XT250 about 12 - 18 months ago, but due to personal commitments it has just been sat in my garage waiting for attention.

Well, a good friend of mine has offered to "do it up" for me, and he came to collect it yesterday. I`ve never had it running so what ever it`ll need, it`ll get. What a lovely little thing it is and can`t wait to ride it around one day and even get a few green lanes done on it.

I know I`ve not been on here for a while but I just wanted to share my story. Cheers  ;) 8)

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Evening Steve, good to have you back on the keyboard 👍... looks like a cracking little project, I used to lust after one of them when I was a younger fella. Big bro (propeller) has a very interesting story about one and about the poor young squaddie that was riding it at the time 😥😥
Cheers, Michael

Hi Michael, thanks for your welcome. My mate who is working on it for me, owned one in about 1985?? and I loved his back then. I`m really looking forward to getting it done but now I`m 35ish yrs older and about 8st heavier, maybe it wont be as much fun as it should be  ???  ;D ;D

Looks a nice one Steve - like a mini XT500. I missed out on one years back. Usual story, I should have told the owner I was genuinely interested and it ended up getting sold for £150! There's a book called "Exploring green roads and lanes of Great Britain" - it still turns up quite cheaply on Amazon or Ebay and well worth picking up. The author Ian Thompson owned an XT250 and used it to off-road extensively in Britain and Europe.



Cheers Tony. We have a few green lanes over here to try out when it`s done but I`ll keep an eye out for the book you mention. Cheers, Steve.


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