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The XBR i bought early last year had some pretty crude home made handlebar adapters on which i have never been happy with the look or feel of. After much prevarication i finally ordered up a pair from Germany and while not cheap they are well made and have considerably improved the look and feel of my bike.

hi xbally  they look well those  adapters ,,it would be interesting to see if a local engineering could copy them and what it would cost you could s**l them here i,m sure a few xbr owners here would be interested in them i would be just a thaught  tommy

Yes Tommy-they are expensive for what they are .I don't suppose the exchange rate with the euro helps either.

hi xbally i might go for a set of those risers ,did you have any problems master cyclinder or clutch mount onthe bars as they look like they are at an angle on the xbr bars did they go on ordinary bars ok ta tommy

Tommy-no they just bolted on to a set of Renthall bars if i remember correctly.


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