Author Topic: XBR Street Tracker - Moto63 style  (Read 4155 times)


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Re: XBR Street Tracker - Moto63 style
« Reply #135 on: October 26, 2019, 10:56:58 PM »
Evening chaps, first off thanks once again to Matt for pic posting 👍... well I got my yokes on Wednesday so full of excitement and couldn't wait to get front end built up, I then got the call from the "painter" that my tank was also ready. Excitement for more than this mere mortal could take 😁. However my excitement soon turned to shock when I laid my eyes on the tank. Absolutely appalling job. Terrible finish, not painted as I'd asked, in short just dreadful. Defo have to be re sprayed 😡😡.
As you can see tho it's finally taking shape. Roll on spring 👍.. cheers, Michael