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Morini the Minx 125H electrics?

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A tale of woe. :(

Morini 125H been sitting for a long while. All connections individually cleaned and remade. New charged battery fitted and upon turning the ignition key, sidelights, rear light and headlight all worked. Indicators and horn, nothing? :-\  So checked wiring, could find nothing wrong and rang NLM; "Ignition and sparks completely separate, so applied petrol, turned on taps, float sticks, then frees off. :o  Mop up. Kick over and she fires up, try and sort 'tick-over', sort of but not right. Try the lights, nothing, absolutely zilch, anywhere and the 30Amp fuse is still OK!  ::)

Carby strip again tomorrow and then start applying the meter! Italian electrics and 6v to boot!  ???

Sensible suggestions on a postcard and I'll post findings and thanks as the 'Inquisition' progresses. :-X

Thank you for the pressure relief valve.

My regards, Bill

A quick google shows up this: - worth joining the club I would have thought.

Also this:

SteveC#222: magic!

Can't really help much Bill,  lighting coil?....if it's any help I have a very good E manual on bike electrics I can Email you a copy if you need it.

Good luck finding it.

Hopefully cunning and a multimeter will sort it!

Thank you all for your responses. Being a delinquent, and with the sun shining, a strong but balmy east wind blowing, the decision was made to go for a run rather than swear in the workshop. Plenty of space on the single track roads and stayed away from the tourist 'honey pots', that were mobbed.

Gave directions to a very harassed GSXR 1000 rider and his wife who had been caught up in the queues (6 miles with a jammed coach and lorry at it head on the diversion route) after an 86 year old motorcyclist was involved in a double collision on the A82 north of Luss, unfortunately the gentleman died at the scene I believe (my condolences to his family) and the road remained closed for over 6 hours. The GSXR rider had been trying to get to Fort William via A82, then A85 and Glen Coe, but his map (1:500,000) download of roads north of Inverness wasn't helpful and they turned up in Aberfoyle at the back of 17:00 trying to go North! ??? Directed them off towards Callendar, with instructions and can only hope they found somewhere to lay their heads as their eyes were on stalks! ::)

We continued the canter via David Stirling's memorial, up to Sheriffmuir and demolished roast leg of lamb with trimmings, followed by panna cotta, with fresh soft fruit and cream.  :P The best panna cotta in my 60+ years. Difficulty holding the bikes up outside the inn, due to the wind, but once underway a tacking style into wind made good progress and we came home at the back of 20:00hrs, plump and with 150 miles of good riding under the belt.

Morini the Minx tomorrow when the rain arrives.   ;)

My regards, Bill


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