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farm joke
« on: September 10, 2006, 09:29:53 PM »
 A man buys a farm and he visits the next farm to buy some animals for his farm. He says to the farmer:

"Right. I'm looking for a rooster, a chicken and a donkey. Can you spare them?"

"Yes, certainly. Except here we call a rooster a c*ck, a chicken a pullet and a donkey is an ass. Now, if the ass starts bucking, scratch him behind his ears and that'll calm him down."

So the man walks down the road back towards his farm holding the birds under his arms and the ass walking alongside him. Sure enough, the ass starts to buck violently and the man is in a dilemma - he can't scratch the ass behind the ears without letting go of the birds and risking them flying away. Suddenly he sees a woman passing by and says:

"Excuse me miss, can you do me a favour? Will you hold my c*ck and pullet while I scratch my ass?"