Author Topic: Bill Swallow's Velocette Special "Scruffy" at 2023-06-24 Bob Mac race meeting  (Read 387 times)


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This machine has been raced, modified and fettled by Bill Swallow for many years and is still given "stick"!  ;)

The frame was built by Bill and the engine, I believe, is a Velocette Venom, to which all manner of modifications and fixes have been made. Usually raced with no fairing, it gets in the way, and the scourge of many a Manx Norton.  :)

Enjoy a lovely bit of individualism and classic racing history.  ;D

If anybody would like a better quality image for their personal record, contact me, please.

Good health, Bill


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Hi Bill

I had the pleasure of seeing Bill's Velo at Cadwell not so long ago and it is every bit as lovely as you say. Bill Swallow raced in an open faced helmet until recently and that makes him a hero as when I get hit in the face by a fly at 40mph it really hurts never mind at 140mph!