Author Topic: Glasgae joke by 'Beatson' !!  (Read 689 times)


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Glasgae joke by 'Beatson' !!
« on: August 09, 2006, 08:33:44 PM »
This guy went tae a brothel up the Red Road flats in Glasgae, an rapped oan the door.

The Madame came oot, an says,"Ah'venae merr beds!!!!"

The wee guy says, "Ach it's awright, ah'll take hurr up oantae the roof 'cos its a stoatin day, an that'll dae me!!"

So up they goes, locked thegither in eternal bliss, rollin aroon oan the roof naked, an' unfortunately, the inevitable happened.

Right ower the tap, 40 storeys tae the grun, still locked thegither.

They landit in front ae a wee Wino, who wis staggerin' aboot, the Wino had been tae the brothel afore, so up the elevator he went an' rapped oan the door.

Madame came oot an' says, "Away ye go, ah'don't want any drunks aboot here!!!"

"Nae borra" says the Wino, "Ah'm no here furra shag. Ah' just come tae tell ye yur sign fell aff the roof!!"