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VMCC at Cadwell


Hi there

I went to Cadwell Park on Saturday for a VMCC meeting and had a great day. What was very encouraging was the number of riders filling each grid. Even the commentators mentioned that they hadn't seen so many bikes lining up to race for a long time. There was a good mixture of makes and eras and even the scooter racing was good.

Just in case you're wondering where all the old BMW K100s are, they're pulling sidecars in VMCC races! Loads of them, but I imagine they are perfect for the job. My favourite bike though was a Yamaha SR500 in the Supermono series. Lovely balance of well-used and well-maintained, just how I like my bikes.


Scooter racing is always good, especially when the "Works" Lambretta scooters and riders come out play! Plus, Cadwell is one of the best circuits at which to spectate.

Good health, Bill

Sounds like a top day Ian. I’m defo a tad envious. I too love Caldwell, even done a couple o track days there over the years. 👍

I agree about Cadwell, I've been going there since about 1975 and took my children there from about 1985 in our 1952 BSA and Briggs double adult sidecar. Happy memories and lots more to come.

Spartacian the nostalgic

Never been to Cadwell but I used to pop over to Mallory for the practice days occasionally. Some lovely bikes there.


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