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Any recommendations for sealing petrol tanks  ?  My Terrot is suffering and it really needs something better than nuts and bolts rattling around inside to loosen it...

Evening Mr Spooky. I used Por 15 tank sealer on the XBR tracker project bike. I’ve not actually run the bike as yet but did a “static” test with the tank full of petroleum spirit both before and after. Leaked before, didn’t leak after. Hope this is of some help 🤞
Cheers ..Michael

Sounds good, that POR-15 does seem to be the favoured product, does it come as a sort of `kit` with a pre  stage stuff then the product ?

Yes from memory (it’s about 2 years since I did mine) it comes as a three part kit. Cleaner/degreaser, metal prep, then the actual sealer. It took a while to do, again if memory serves me correct but it all did exactly what it said on the tin, so to speak. Like I say it definitely worked, I left my tank sat on some wooden blocks in my old works for about 5 days with some blue blotting type paper underneath it. Not the slightest drop came out 👍
Cheers, Michael

Aye Rufus,

Not used a home kit myself, but these are links that might help.




I had the SRX mono tank "professionally" coated after having several areas of pin holes welded up. The welding job was a bodge, the "finished ready to paint" finish was like Everest and the tank shape was deformed, the return packaging an insult, but the Red-Kote lining is still in place and no leaks to date. DO NOT USE Hartlepool Radiator Company!  >:(

All the best with whatever you choose to use.

Good health, Bill


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