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Hi Guys

As mentioned in my other post in Chatter I found a great engineering shop in Clay Cross in Derbyshire today. It is called Cotterell's Engineering and I knew I was in the right place when I walked in and there was an A65 engine on a bench and various other old Brit engines and cranks all over the place.

The two blokes I dealt with were great and within 30 mins I had a new Timesert insert in my plughole (ooer missus) and all at a reasonable cost.

Their number is 01246 250459 and their address is behind High Street Garage in Clay Cross (I kid you not). The added bonus is they are next to CMC bike shop and cafe so there is somewhere to ogle some bikes and have a butte as well.


Useful to know. There's a good place here in Redditch called Nametab who used to specialise in 2 strokes but now do general bike machining stuff. Very knowledgeable.

Always nice to know of good, small shops who can do the job right.


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