Author Topic: International Classic Motorcycle Show, 15th & 16th October 2022 Stafford  (Read 4490 times)


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Thanks to everyone who attended the show and for those who showed their bike/s on the stand, we had a great turn out 10 bikes, must be a record! As always lots of banter and merriment. Unfortunately we had 2 members who didn't have such a good time due health reasons (unrelated issues), wishing you a speedy recovery. Pig of a drive home with heavy traffic on M6/M5 then torrential rain! 
So thinking of next year, would anyone be interested in the April show (if it goes ahead) or just stick to October? (we could do both)



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Feel like this is a bit of deja vu on my part but I’d be up for the April show 🤦??? (if you guys have a stand?) would have loved to have made it down last weekend.
Cheers, Michael


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Yes, thank you Gareth and Graham for making our weekend.
Great time and great company. I think there was a show but too much talking to notice! Only joking, it was a good show as well.
Well done done once again chaps.
Thank you.
Ps. Yes please, definitely up for the April show.