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And then I remembered..........
« on: December 29, 2021, 05:40:29 PM »
Went out on the Mighty Midget yesterday to pop to the farm shop and after about three miles it began coughing and misfiring, so much so that I turned around and started to limp it home. I stopped in a layby to have a quick look around and then re-started to go back home at which point it had cleared and ran nicely all the way back.

When I got back I decided it must be electrical or wiring as I have recently changed the ECU, the reg/rec and had to muck about with my ignition switch as it jammed and needed removing. I wired in a temporary on/off switch just until a proper replacement arrives. I went all through the electrical system, got rid of some suspect wiring, took off the indicators which have always had earthing faults (these will be replaced with a new set before the MOT) and checked charging etc which was perfect.

Believing I had 'cured' any fault I set out for work this morning only to have the same symptoms after six or seven miles. Switch off, switch on then away again. That's when I remembered that a lot of ignition faults are caused by................carburretors! Yes I had some debris in my float bowl!

Relief mixed with frustration at time wasted.



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Re: And then I remembered..........
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Re: And then I remembered..........
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I'm sure we've all been there.

Many years ago I was in France on the Commando. It developed a persistent misfire which was "obviously" carburation. Stripped the (single) carb but could find nothing wrong - until I realised I'd mislaid the bung out of the bottom and I took half an hour to find it where I'd carefully put it out of harm's way on top of one of the panniers.

Anyway, the fault persisted and I eventually discovered the culprit was one of those horrible pre-insulated crimp terminals on the Boyer ignition pickup which was making intermittent contact. Never used those again and always replace with proper terminals if they're on a bike I buy.
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