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This winters work
« on: November 25, 2021, 11:39:05 AM »
The XBR is in for the winter, it has now run a little over 3000 miles with the supercharger and I am giving it a partial strip down to make some changes and to inspect the engine to see how it is coping.
I replaced the cam chain to the original length item, I am raising the compression slightly (I have a little leeway built in) so raising it wont bring about nasty knocking, while replacing the camchain I had to remove the clutch so I examined the plates, no blueing or burning so the uprated clutch is holding out
The bore is a little more worn than I had hoped with no honing marks anywhere (there should still be visable marks in line with the low thrust surfaces in line with the gudgeon pin at this low milage) I suspect the extra heat is closing up the ring gap, I will have to grind the rings to make it a little larger, looks like that part came very close to failure and that would have blown the whole engine :(
I am going to do a bit more porting work on the cylinder head, mainly on the exhaust area to reduce pumping losses
There are a couple of small jobs to do, lower the forks in the yoke a bit, they have already been shortened but I recon I can also drop them 2-3cm and I am also going to raise the fairing by about 2cm