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The XBR is in for the winter, it has now run a little over 3000 miles with the supercharger and I am giving it a partial strip down to make some changes and to inspect the engine to see how it is coping.
I replaced the cam chain to the original length item, I am raising the compression slightly (I have a little leeway built in) so raising it wont bring about nasty knocking, while replacing the camchain I had to remove the clutch so I examined the plates, no blueing or burning so the uprated clutch is holding out
The bore is a little more worn than I had hoped with no honing marks anywhere (there should still be visable marks in line with the low thrust surfaces in line with the gudgeon pin at this low milage) I suspect the extra heat is closing up the ring gap, I will have to grind the rings to make it a little larger, looks like that part came very close to failure and that would have blown the whole engine :(
I am going to do a bit more porting work on the cylinder head, mainly on the exhaust area to reduce pumping losses
There are a couple of small jobs to do, lower the forks in the yoke a bit, they have already been shortened but I recon I can also drop them 2-3cm and I am also going to raise the fairing by about 2cm

Working on the head now, finding another 4cc in the combustion chamber to get the compression where I need it with the added benefit of deshrouding the valves near the cylinder wall

The XBR is rebuilt, the head machining turned out well 3mm was removed from the combustion chamber which is now at 64cc as well as a 1.3mm lift on the barrel compression is 8:1 which is perfect for my use. I finally found and bought a belly pan that I liked the look of, its from a Mondial HPS 125 I just need to make some brackets and a few small mods to the pan then a spray

Look forward to seeing the belly pan in place Joolz 👍
Cheers, Michael

It shouldnt take long Michael hopefully a week or two


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