Author Topic: Carol Nash International Classic Motorcycle Show 3rd & 4thJuly 2021 Stafford  (Read 4379 times)


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Well Michael, I am probably the first to arrive home from Stafford having got here about 5:15 pm. We all agreed that it was a success considering all the restrictions that were in place. GC said it was "relaxed". We all thought we had a good time.
Just a big thank you to Gareth for organising it. Lovely to meet Peter, Matt and family, Steve and his wife and brother for the first time. Nice to see Trevor and Richard again. Some really fabulous bikes on show ( I particularly liked the Bike of the Show (a Ducati 250 desmo). Lovely folk on the Maico stand near to us on the balcony.
I think it was unanimous in deciding to have a stand in the October Show. ( Just hope you'll be able to attend Michael!)
I will post some pictures once I have resized them off my phone.
All in all a thoroughly enjoyable was had by all. I'm sure others will drop by and give their opinions as and when.
Ian 🙂👍
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A brilliant weekend. Thank you Gareth for organising it and providing refreshments as well as everything else.
It took me over 2 1/2hrs partly due to the torrential rain part due to missing my turn and ending on the M1! Only added a few minutes though. Soaked to the skin.
Again, lovely to see folks and thanks Gareth.


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Sounds like a general good time was had by you fellows, which again given the circumstances is/was the main thing. Can I again apologise for not being able to make it down, as I can imagine how much effort must go in to sorting it all out. I had been really looking forward to catching up with you chaps and hopefully putting a few faces to names. Hey hoo, fingers crossed for October.
Just as a foot note, track & trace have rung me everyday so far, asking how I am, making sure my mental health is ok. I’m convinced that they really are “tracking” people. So when you answer your phone they can trace exactly where you are, hopefully within the confines of your house or garden 🤷???
Anyway glad it was a success
Cheers, Michael


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Yes, great weekend and great to see friends old and new alike. I never did get my promised hobnobs of the MZ Riders, miserable bunch 😂.

Many thanks to Gareth for organising it all 👍
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Great effort to Mortons for putting the show on, all in all a real success and hopefully paves the way for future shows. Great to meet up all the guys and their families. I will contact Mortons today and let them know we would like to attend the October show - will keep you all posted on that.
Thanks again to all who attended- we cant make it happen without you guys.



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Thanks for letting us come.  It was a great weekend and all the kids enjoyed it.  I think even the dogs had a goode time :)
Was a fairly damp ride home, but I think I have the least distance to go, so I can't really complian.


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Really glad all of you enjoyed the weekend, i have emailed Mortons so fingers crossed we will have a stand.