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Forseti CDI units?

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Has anyone got any experience of Forseti CDI Units?....good/bad.

I'm thinking of fitting an XL600R CDI to my XBR but a 40 year old secondhand Honda part is quite expensive wereas a new Forseti copy is under £20!...if they work OK.


Not a clue Steve.  :-\ Sorry, not to be able to help.

Good health, Bill

You probably already know this, but just in case, JOOLZ has a word of caution here;;topicseen#msg51504

Yes I have seen that thread Matt. I have fitted an XL600 CDI in the past - it isn't 'instant racer' by any means but does give a noticeable kick when you crack the throttle open. Big annoyance is you can't use the leccy boot - it blows the fuse!. Thought I might have a play with one again but secondhand Honda one is at least £60+ and this is £18 plus post from OZ. At that price I might try one anyway just to see.

Just plug n play then? I'll be very interested to follow this thread, especially given the price!


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