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Hello All,
Long time since I visited, so many projects on the go that I have neglected my faithful XBR.
As a result of fitting oilite bushes in my swinging arm and using grease instead of gearbox oil (discovered that on the Norton forum) my swinging arm spindle is now seriously worn.  I have been looking through my collection of spares from old bikes and have not yet found a really good one. 
Does anyone know of anywhere I can get one?  As far as I can find, it is discontinued and seems only to have been used on the XBR and GB500s.  If not available, I might try getting the journals ground back and making a sleeve to go over it.
I am happy to cut down/get reground another one that might be a close match.
Any suggestions welcome.
As soon as I can find my measuring kit I will add dimensions of what I think it should be.  Unfortunately these aren't in the workshop manual.
Many thanks.

Phew, found a spindle at the bottom of a box, virtually unworn. 
Now reluctant to go down the route of bronze bushes and possibly wreck the last good spindle.  Don't want to sent a small fortune to David Silver for original plastic bushes.
Has anyone tried needle rollers?  Does anyone know what the plastic is the standard bushes are made of?
Any good ideas welcome.

Aye Richard,

This maybe worthy of consideration. BayPlastics_oilfillednylon

I suspect that the standard bushes were made from an unlubricated hard engineering nylon, it comes in a host of different specifications!

Good health, Bill

Hi Richard

Trying to recall if we met many years ago at the early annual rallies when they were held in Abergavenny and near Hay-on-Wye. If so there must be considerable mileage on your XBR. I'm not sure what material the swing arm collars are made of but I'm afraid you may have to go down the route of ordering from Dave Silver - Wemoto used to list them but I've noticed they aren't shown any more and a Google search has drawn a blank. Maybe if you are starting from scratch with a good / new spindle then the OE sleeves are the best option with regular maintenance (a bit of a pain).
I'm in a similar position to yourself and the thought of paying £36 for two small pieces of plastic is painful - not helped by their bizarre P&P arrangement which costs us an additional £13.95 for postage to Northern Ireland. I think I'll be giving them a call in the morning to try and haggle that figure downwards!



Aye Tony,

If you wish I would be happy to be a post box, if it helps.

My regards, Bill


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