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Spitfire !!!!!

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Saw my first CCM spitfire today...
It went past me twice, sounded loveley, shame they are way too expensive, looked great and sounded nice, but not as nice sound as an Enfield.

Got mine on order mr Spooky, should be getting it early November. Chopped my v7 guzzi and my ktm390 duke in for the “Foggy” limited flat tracker edition. Pretty excited about getting it I gotta say.
Cheers, Michael

Great...who's engine do they use ?


Thee's been had!

This looks a ripper and it's in Kirby Stephen!  ;D

eBay lot number: 324279204441


Enjoy the 'Spitfire'!  ;D

Good health, Bill

Ah but Bill, I’ve still got the xbr650 tracker on the bench AND the cb250rs/xbr500 engined hillclimber project “under” the bench still to build/finish. I’d just got to stage where I wasn’t going in the garage and wanting to swing a leg over the guzzi. Just didn’t gel with it at all and the ktm390 was just a tad under powered for me so I thought, sod it im not getting any younger. I’m going to get something that when I open the garage door the bike screams at me “come on let’s go for a ride” and the ccm flat tracker certainly fits that bill, plus it’s a bit different, don’t see many flying around. (See what I did there 😁) .. Mr Spooky, they use the husqvarna engine. Cheers, Michael


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