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Now that I am able to get out and about a bit more my classic is getting used a fair bit. 300 miles in last three days. Adjusted the chain for the first time , I am tempted to change it for a `good make` one.  Not sure yet. It averages just over 90 mpg, happy with that, it has 2500 miles on now. Not much vibration at 50/55 a little more at 60/65 and very little at 70 - 80 mph. I hit the rev limiter in all gears on occasions, except 5th, I reckon top speed will be just over 85 before it cuts out. Gearbox is ok, had better but had a lot worse, mainly I sometimes miss first to second but only when I have my fireman's boots on.  Acceleration is good enough for me and 55 to 70 in top is pretty good. All in all, I am still very happy with it, I will take it for 3000 mile service in a couple of weeks.    there you go  :) 8)

All sounds good Mr Spooky, glad you’re happy and enjoying the steed. Happy daze 👍

Thanks for the update. I've been watching a lot of YouTube on the Classic which sits at the top of my wish list. Any modifications planned?

Quite happy with it as it is, only thing I have changed is the exhaust system, it now has a Hitchcocks upswept type, I have an air injection delete kit to put on, but to be honest i don`t think it needs it. It runs just as well without the baffle in as well, but a bit loud  :D

Cool colour too 👍


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