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I used a piece of non-slip rubber mat to cushion my handlebars, controls, etc, as they lay on the front mudguard, out of the way for a few days. On replacing the bars, I found the rubber had melted(?) onto/into(?) the acrylic paint of the mudguard and fork sliders.
Can anyone recommend a product/method of removal? Wd40 and 1200 grit went some of the way, but still left some behind. Cheers.

Morning Matt try using mentholated spirit. Best o luck 🤞

Aye Matt,

This is all a bit anorak and no cheap!  :o

However, Farecla, G3 formula, permanent, professional scratch remover, used as per the instructions and the specific "Applicator Waffle pads", really works wonders.

Link: G3-professional-scratch-remover-liquid

It is also available as a paste formula. See the Farecla website.

A friend who is a professional sprayer and panel beater advised me to use it and the results are transformative. My 'rattle can' spary job on the Duke 450 sidepanels came up well after using this liquid.

My regards, Bill

I'll try the paste, thanks, as the paint I put on the tank also needs all the help it can get.🙏

I think (but hope I'm wrong) that the plastic / rubber can react with the paint and actually damage the painted surface. I remember having some painting done years ago and was going to wrap the bits in bubble wrap to take them home when the painter stopped me and said it would ruin the finish.


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