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my #1 5th gear grenade...

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OK, as i have posted here previously a couple of years ago, almost exactly as it happened on august bank holiday. my #1 SRX6 5th gear finally let go,  first time it's happened to me, now just building my 10th SRX6.
So, casting around, i found that the gears i needed are unobtaneum, and to get the job done at Slipstream would be prohibitively expensive. so my options were, to crack open one of my 2 track bikes, pinch the cluster  and flog the rest as rolling chassis & spares. in fact that seemed the only option.
Time passed, lockdown arrived, more time in the workshop thinking & looking ..... hmmm , i have 4 SRX4 engines in various states of repair/knackeredness, i wonder.... just maybe ....
opened up the cases on the engine i had just the bottom end of, (a 5Y7), pulled out the cluster and changer mechanism, got my micrometer out and checked everything against the original ... bloody perfect!... AND the same ratios. so, in it goes, all good so far, then problem #1 appears, clutch basket splines are different, well, thats ok, the 400 engine had a clutch basket in good ish condition, so that's ok, then problem #2 arrives ..... output shaft splines are different and the sprocket fitting is completely different. a search online finds the correct sprocket (wemoto i think), and nut. i also bit the bullet , as i'd managed, hopefully, to effect a repair for pence instead of megabucks, and bought a new oil pump .... ye gods.... silly money these days, but found one for an XT for £79, (instead of the near £200 that local yam dealer was asking for, for a listed SRX version). closed up the engine, (also fitted magnetic sump and  oil tank plugs, in case i'd missed a bit of shrapnel) , refitted into chassis, started up in workshop, went though all the gears, seemed to be selecting ok. pumped up the tyres, charged the battery.... by which time the front tyre was flat, so got a new tyre fitted and balanced. took it out for a potter round the lanes... lovely jubbly! .... 2 days ago it went in for it's MOT ... nice ticket with no advisories .... Houston... we're ready for lift off !!

OK, it's stuttering a bit, so today carbs are off and i see i have a knackered inlet manifold. also the engine is a bit vibey.... with a small, but annoying ticking, it is, in all probability that i have got the balance shaft one tooth out of proper alignment.... thats what happens when you let amateurs muck about with things.... BUT... the gearbox is GREAT, so thats the message, there is hope for those who experience 5th gear woes ..... oh... and i do still have 3 400 engines  :-)

Well played that (spanner) man! SteveL - 1: mrrp - 0 😎

Aye Steve,

Congratulations mucker, sounds a good 'un. Very pleased to read that you are still spannering. That oil pump problem is an absolute bummer. Yamaha are just getting greedy when it comes to prices. Refurbishing an SRX or XT motor, with bearings, crank, piston, seals and gaskets swallows £1,000 and more.  :(

My exploits getting the K2 sorted are documented in the MRC forum and involved brute force and ignorance. I finally put 150Km on it today and it appears to whizz along very nicely. Shame about the width of the seat undertray and the plank of foam that passes for a seat. And, to think in 1986 a Morini K2 was the same price new as a new Kawasaki GPZ900R!

Now to start Sally's top end!

No doubt you'll have a Bishop or similar an' keep troshing bor! ;)

Good health, Bill

Sounds like a good result to me.  :)

aye Bill, off to a bike meet shortly with #1 Son on his 3 1/2 Sport, whilst there i may indulge myself in an Abbot Reserve ....
glad to hear the K2 is agoing, yes, morini's always were top dollar ... but the little 3 1/2 sport has such a lovely feel to it, fabulous chassis, the perfect B road scratcher.
pip pip


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