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SRX 600 kickstart lever

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Hello everyone.
It's time to look for a replacement.
I've had a crack in my kickstart lever for quite some time. It worries me a little because I know it can be broken at any time.
The crack is at the splines outside where the kick shaft connects to the engine.
Are there any more types of motors that use the same type of kickstart lever that vill fit. It might improve my odds of finding a used one.
Mine is from 1986
Peter the Swede

Hello Pete, I'm sorry to tell you that the SRX Kickstarter was unique to them. I do believe that there is a solution by using XT600 parts. I'm sure someone will be along shortly to explain further. Have a look on Steve Haywards SRX 600 website

HTH. Ian

Tank You for the answer. How about a lever from SRX 400? Will that fit?
If you want to weld it, is it cast iron or something else?
Which method should one choose for it to last?
I'm trying to learn more.

Aye Peter, the kickstart lever (kick crank assembly) from the twin shock absorber SRX400 is the same as that fitted to the twin shock absorber SRX600.

The part of the lever that cracks is a forging. I believe that it may be possible to 'stitch' using metal staples the crack together, but who and where this could be done in Sweden I do not know.

XT600 kickstart levers have been used as replacements, as I believe the splines are the same. But, they require modification to the lever and I have no exprience of doing this.

You could also search the Japanese auction site 'Jauce', from which I have obtained quality secondhand parts for both my twin shock absorber SRX600 and SRX400 monoshock, with XT600E motor fitted.

Link: Jauce_Yamaha_SRX600_search

I will make a Google translation and paste it below.

My regards, Bill

Aye Peter, kickstart-spaken (kick-crank-aggregatet) från dubbla stötdämpare SRX400 är densamma som den som monterades på tvilling-stötdämparen SRX600.

Den del av spaken som spricker är en smide. Jag tror att det kan vara möjligt att "sy" med metall häftar sprickan tillsammans, men vem och var detta kan göras i Sverige vet jag inte.

XT600 kickstart-spakar har använts som ersättare, eftersom jag tror att splinesen är desamma. Men de kräver modifiering av spaken och jag har ingen möjlighet att göra detta.

Du kan också söka på den japanska auktionswebbplatsen 'Jauce', från vilken jag har fått kvalitets begagnade delar för både min dubbla stötdämpare SRX600 och SRX400 monoshock, med XT600E-motor monterad.

Länk: [url = https: //] Jauce_Yamaha_SRX600_search [/ b] [/ url]

Hi again Bill. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to research the Japanese site.
It was new to me.
I notice that you emphasize double shock absorbers.
Do you mean that models with single shock absorbers have a different type of kickstart lever?
Or do all srx400 and srx600 have the same type of kickstart lever?
I have a lot to learn.


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