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Xbr tyre pressures


Hi all, finally hot an age related reg for my xbr i imported over lockdown, havinh now ridden it twice with the recommended 28psi front & rear, front feels to soft to me. I looked at replacement tyres on Bridgestones site & they state 36 psi front& 40 psi rear.
What would you reccomend?

I use Bridgestone BT45's at 28psi and find them really good. Can you link to the page where they state 36 and 40, as this seems a lot of pressure?

Evening gents, yes Chris I used to run Bridgestone on my cafe racer, (standard XBR comstar wheels) I used to run 28 to 30 on the front and 34 to 36 at the rear. 40 psi does sound quite a lot, plus that would almost certainly be for carrying a pillion. Cheers, Michael

Thanks for the replies, I have a continental on the front & bt45 rear, at slow speef the front just felt flattish & heavy, maybe a trait of the conti. Michael how's the project? 

Afternoon Chris, the “project “ is moving forward albeit pretty slowly, I’m absolutely flat out at the moment building our new house, so working some reasonably late evenings and most Saturdays. My aim is to have the bike ready and running for next spring. It’s at a point where it looks 80% finished so I will be taking it down to the Stafford show in October if it goes ahead. Cheers, Michael


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