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MZ carburettor question


MZ traveller carburettor question - i took the carb off my MZ a few months ago and i am now rebuilding the bike, but i cant remember where the hose from the left hand inlet manifold connects to, see pic below? Can anyone help?


Aye Gareth,

If I remember correctly the vacuum spigot connects via a short hose length looped over the top to the vacuum spigot on the fuel tap. I attach a wee snap of the left-hand inlet tract on Sally (SRX600 twinshock) and the same set up is used on the monoshock, with the XT600E motor. I have taken an additional vacuum hose off to the Scott Oiler that is housed in the tool compartment next to the battery under the seat.

I hope this helps.

Good health, Bill

i dont have a  vacuum spigot on the fuel tap!

Aye Gareth,

OK. I have looked at the SZR660 manual and it would appear that it is the vacuum take-off for the fuel pump, as described on page 126, Section H14, of the manual that I sent you. I cannot remember whether the MZ Skorpion had a fuel pump or not, as I never dived into it's guts that far!

I would suggest that you just blank it off in that case with a rubber cap, if no vacuum fuel pump is fitted.

Hopefully, this solves your dilemma.

My regards, Bill

Thanks for that, tis most helpful.


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