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My rear master cylinder is shot, a new assembly is not to be found. Any suggestions?
                                                                                                               Thank you

master cylinders form rear brakes on jap bikes are pretty generic. measure the distance between the bolt holes then have a look through yamahas range.

Aye Daniel,

I have viewed the online parts list that is readily accessable from Fowler's of Bristol website. The link below will take you to the Yamaha parts list of the 1986 SRX600 rear master cylinder.


By clicking on the part number of the item, a list of alternative bikes that used the same part are listed and this is very helpful. I attach the link below, having clicked on the part number.


This is the result from my 'Search' of eBay tonight.


Finally, if you use the link below, it will take you to 'Jauce', which is the Japanese 'Yahoo' auction site equivilent of eBay. This can be a good source of spares, but for an approximate idea of total costs you should multiply the final bid price in Japanese Yen by three (3) before converting Japanese Yen (JYen) to GB Pounds (GBP). You will need to register and make a deposit before bidding on an item. I used PayPal to make the deposit. Ian on this forum has also used this method to obtain parts for SRX400's that he has rebuilt and it was he who gave me the lead for this. 

I hope that this give you some leads to make your own research and find the parts you need.

My regards, Bill

Thank you for your responses, I have one from my old RZ and the bolt pattern is the same, the piston bore's a bit smaller though. Just bought one of ebay. I hope the bore's the same as stock but will probably try it even if it isn't.

Aye Daniel,

Pleased to help, let us know how you get on and what your solution is.

Good health, Bill


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