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Possible trip to Poland?

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Hi Everyone

I just thought I would post about a trip I have been considering for a while now to see if anyone wants to have a think about joining me.

I would very much like to take a trip to Auschwitz, not everyone's cup of tea I know but I feel it must be done. However the trip is also intended to be my 'trip of a lifetime'.

I want to go on Colin my (formerly Spooky's) Suzuki GN250 so it will be a slow trip which could take a month and it will be a low cost affair as I'm a) not wealthy and b) mean.

I'm thinking maybe next year or the year after.

Anyone interested in joining me for some/all of the trip?


Sounds interesting Ian. I nearly said 'fun' but on reflection that's not at all the correct adjective for a trip round Auschwitz. I may be up for joining you, but the GN may be a bit hot for my Jawa!

Hey Pete

Sounds good and don't worry about the GN being too hot for the JAWA as I'm not too hot for anything!

If it helps you to make up your mind about joining me I intend to come back via Prague. Isn't the JAWA factory somewhere around there?


There's a thought  ;D...

Just got approval from 'er indoors!  ;D


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