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Stafford Classic Mechanics show 10th 11th October 2020

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Hi everyone, i hope you are all safe and well.

As some of you are aware the April show that we were booked in to was cancelled, then rescheduled to August which has now also been cancelled. So Mortons are merging the 2 shows for October 10th & 11th.

Not invites as yet, but in sure we'll get a stand, therefore if anyone is interested please let me know, it would be good to get a list of attendees and bikes as we are normally sending details in late!!!!

And yes you might see my post on how to remove a cylinder head due to overzealous drilling, keep it clean please!!!!!


Afternoon Gareth, count me in for the October show if you do get a stand, tracker will DEFO (🤣🤣🤣) be built to a showing point by then. Probably not running but built enough to resemble a bike. Plus it will give me the motivation to crack on with it if i know I’ve got the end goal in sight. 👍
Cheers, Michael

yeah, sign me up please, i'll try and have something running...

I would like to be considered for an entry .... dunno what as yet 🤔

Ian, you are always most welcome to attend after all it wouldn't be the same without you being there!


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