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Sort of, thumplet? Thumping?  Is there a name for a smaller thumper?
Anyhow, sitting unloved at the back of my garage for probably 7 or 8 years now is a tatty Honda innovative. Now if you don't know what one is, the innovative is the follow up to the Honda cub. Single pot motor semi auto step thru. They are, its got to be said a pretty amazing wee thing. 100+mpg, 60mph cruising speed, smooth, 12v electric start 4 speed commuter. Bomb proof reliability and just a bit more of everything than the old cub due to its 125cc ohc engine. This one hasn't turned a wheel in years. But I had a plan.....

for some reason whenever i try to add images to this post, the forum kicks me out. ive tried a half dozen times now and every time it wont let me, no matter how small or what format image i use, it doesnt reject the image, it just boots me out and i have to log in again. just trying to see if it lets me post just words.

nope, id a completed project to post with a full set of pics of rebuilding the bike with new big valve head, big bore kit, aftermarket cam big exhaust, huge carb and a rake of other mods to make this a fun little scoot, but posting images on this forum is like trying to scoop air into a fucking heap so, well, i did it, and it runs but you arent ever going to see it unless youre on facebook.

OK John, send me a PM or I'll send you a PM and see if we can sort something out!

My regards, Bill

Tried it again tonight. Doesn't work. So what's the point in posting stuff if you can't post pics of projects alongside descriptions. I can't even edit stuff I've already written. So, I'm not going to bother with it any more. This place has got clunkier and clunkire over the years. In the time I was trying to post a single image to this page, I successfully uploaded 300 images to some albums on Facebook. This place is just too much like hard work now. So, I'll pop in and see what's happening, but I won't post any more build pics here, shame cos I was about to start on two big thumper builds! Ttfn chaps.


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